Getting it Together

I have been practicing a lot these days getting ready for China (see previous post) and now I am within the two-week window to get everything ready to go.  The Schmitt Legende turned a corner tonight, and finally I am beginning to be able to imagine playing it successfully in public.  That is still quite a ways from actually being able to play it, but it took me a long time just to get where I am.  Those of you who have played it understand what I mean.  Fortunately, it is a beautiful work and very gratifying to play.

Other pieces in preparation include a fair number of Piazzolla tangos (this seems to be his year), the ever-enchanting Tableaux de Provence, Hindemith Sonata in Eb for Althorn, which is more of a piano solo with sax accompaniment, and a very nice transcription of some pieces from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.  Believe it or not, I still don’t have all the music I am supposed to play.  That, unfortunately, is to be expected.

Just wanted to check in periodically to give an update.  I will write again before I leave.  In the meantime, anybody out there who does alot of saxophone collaboration, stop practicing for a minute and drop a line or two.  I know you’re out there.

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